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New Hampshire.
I track the tag "newenglandhardcore"
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I’m so tired oh my Lordy. Not even from dancing. I need a cat nap. XcatXnapX

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I’m sweating so much this rules I missed dancing

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what show are you at?

Anchorlines, the great escape, dead ocean, like waves, and other bands Milford, NH!

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There are a lot of big people at this show. Oh man. I think they all want to eat me

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Shoot me fucking blegh I’ll let my eyes blegh back into my blegh

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"Here I am again
Back on square one
With the same song doing the same run
The never-ending cycle of false hope
Falling loosely on a flat key
In the melody
Assumptions of greatness
Bends into the shape of shapelessness
Slowly breaking the back bone
Until it’s dust in the wind
Opening the chest
Filled with all my hopes and dreams
Along with an acorn trophy
From an old memory
Revealed on the black and white Polaroid film
Developing color as the fire grows
Ashes stray from sight
As smoke grows through the air
Rain batters down on the ground
The acorn settles in the remains
Absorbing what comes it’s way
Soon will grow the tree
But only to be chopped down
To be used for someone else’s need"

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Any of you guys gonna be going to the Anchorlines show in Milford tonight???

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